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Guide to Homeownership

The InCharge Guide to Homeownership is a practical, self-paced guidebook covers important topics about the entire home buying process -- it's the perfect introduction to buying a first home!

The InCharge Guide to Homeownership is ideal for first time homebuyers to help steer them through what can be a daunting process. The manual is designed to make self-paced study simple. You’ll start with a pre-test to gauge your level of knowledge about homeownership, and then you’ll move into the following topics:

Is homeownership for you?

How do you review your credit report?

How much home can you afford?

What kind of help is available for a new homebuyer?

Who’s involved in the buying and selling of a home?

What are your responsibilities as a new homeowner?

Help! Who do you contact if a payment will be late?

Each chapter opens with questions that are answered by text, charts, and tables containing important information in an easy-to-follow format--and ends with an exercise that lets you check your learning progress. Plus, a glossary and list of links at the end of the book will help you understand real estate language and identify additional information sources.

After finishing this self-study course, use the worksheets at the back of this book to assess where you stand. If you think you need further help, you can contact a mortgage counseling agency for one-on-one counseling--which can also qualify you for assistance programs offered by government agencies and private-sector lenders. It's an excellent source!

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Do You Qualify?

Mortgage Qualification Factors

When a lender reviews your loan application, they'll look at these factors to determine if you're mortgage-worthy.

Credit Workbook

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